Listen to Some of the Most Talented Jazz Artists

Countdown to The Los Cabos Jazz Experience 2019
November 7th through 11th 2019



About Us

Life Luxe Jazz - The Los Cabos Jazz Experience is produced by Atlanta, Georgia based The Life Luxe Group, LLC and 53017N, a 501(c)3 entity.


To deliver a premiere luxury cultural experience with jazz as the focal point, bringing people together with common interests in music, culture and exceptional cuisine with the goal of building bridges across borders


Connecting individuals seeking ultra-luxury experiences with cultural and lifestyle choices unmatched in the jazz festival genre

Fostering new and existing relationships through cultural exchange and tourism benefitting the communities we touch

Offering premium-quality live entertainment, cuisine and environments which exceed the expectations of the discerning jazz aficionado

Promoting quality living through health and wellness, recreational, nutritional and lifestyle enhancement offerings